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3.75in Resin - SkullDangler - Soft UV Orange?

3.75in Resin - SkullDangler - Soft UV Orange?

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Our beloved and possibly most popular Mini Figure has taken a bright UV orange turn for this Holiday Season!  He measures 3.75in tall, Adorned with various plague bearing creature skulls, ranging from ducks, herrings, various primates and even human..ok alot of human!

These are hand cast in Soft UV Orange Resin. Idk, its a weird color. Comes with the much-loved Bone Demon Head as well as a fun D20 head for anytime you might want to change things up!

 **Please note these are one-offs unless otherwise stated.

...Also.. This is the PreVinyl Sculpt of the figure. It's the exact same as the beloved vinyl version except this one has a different type of waist joint. The original molds no longer exist and these one offs are the last.

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