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Our Lady of Meowdalupe - Opalescence

Our Lady of Meowdalupe - Opalescence

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Every couple of years at this time, Our Lady of Meowdalupe returns! With her beautiful coloring, gorgeous face, cute little tail peeking out of her robe....she is everything you need to bring in some sunshine. If you walk by her and don't feel a boost of serotonin or dopamine, I fear you may be dead inside. 

I hear during the months that she is MIA she is down at one of those Cat Islands running things (I suspect the one in Japan, called Aoshima *If you aren't familiar GOOGLE IT! Trust me. Add this beautiful Lady to your collection today before she slips away again!

Design, Mold and Cast by Jonathan DuBose (with heavy-yet-loving pushing from the wife.)
She is cast in resin and just over 5 inches tall of pure beauty! Blacklight/UV reactive! PLEASE NOTE: Due to each item being hand-cast, there will be variation in the marbling but each one will look equally awesome!

If you love cats....or don't. Maybe you just like to look at them, they are simply perfect! Just look at those faces, seriously! And if cats really just aren't your thing, I bet you know someone who adores them and would love to get this unique gift! 

RUN! Do NOT walk! Grab one of these beauties before they are gone! 

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