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9in Vinyl Skull Witch-Factory Mother Mold Sample*

9in Vinyl Skull Witch-Factory Mother Mold Sample*

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From deep in the swamp, the SkullWitch conjures up wicked spells and brews as she lords over the wetlands in search of skulls and bones for her unworldly and devious creations. 

The Vinyl Skull Witch is 9in tall and has 4 points of articulation. Factory made vinyl, sculpt by Jonathan DuBose(DuBoseArt). Comes bagged and tagged.

*These are Factory Mother Mold Samples. Meaning these vinyl pulls are taken from a Mother Mold which the factory then uses to create masters that are used to create the actual production molds. I was fortunate enough to be able to acquire 10 of these gems. Since there are only 10 in existence, these unpainted fleshy beauties are truly a Collector's Piece!

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